Hakubaku Shoyu Ramen gets 5-star rating!

Marketing Hakubaku Ramen, Hakubaku USA

Hakubaku Shoyu Restaurant Fresh ramen gets a 5-star rating from the Ramenrater.com, a site dedicated to reviewing ramen from around the world. We are honored to know that our Shoyu ramen is amongst the best in the globe. We hope you will agree with Hans the Ramen Rater. Hans, the site owner, has been rating ramen kits since 2009. He takes the time to compare thousands of different products- and we are one of his Top Ramen rated brands!

Hakubaku FreshLock Noodle Method keeps the noodle soft – not hard or fried – like other instant shoyu ramen. No additives, fillers or preservatives. Fresh noodles that you can use anywhere– no refrigeration needed.

True ramen experience is in the bag. Harmony, balance, flavor and freshness. These are the key elements of shoyu ramen that make it so tasty. We capture the fun of being at a local ramen bar in Japan and give you the same exciting experience to enjoy at home!

Our savory MSG-free soup bases are flavorful and balance well with the toppings in your bowl.
Harmony between hand-selected fresh ingredients and our focus on quality makes our ramen stand out. The finest grains, seasonings, artisan spices and flavorful stock make all the difference between an average bowl of ramen and an exceptional bowl.

Take a look at the review below and see more at ramenrater.com


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