How do I use fresh ramen noodles?

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Are you ready to take the plunge and explore how to use fresh ramen noodles? Fresh ramen is always best and using fresh ramen (non-fried) noodles gives your bowl of ramen that extra touch of authenticity. Yes- you can enjoy a bowl of restaurant-fresh ramen at home! We can show you how:

The Equipment

Start with a 32 oz bowl for your ramen. The higher the lip the better to hold the broth at the bottom. Ramen fans consume the broth as part of assembling a spoonful to eat. More noodles and toppings are the key here. And a big bowl will do wonders. You need chopsticks and an Asian soup spoon with a flat bottom to hold all that goodness.

The Noodles

Fresh is as fresh does.

Fresh ramen comes in a wide variety of forms, but, the most common are probably in the freezer case in your local Asian market. Some like these are soft and fresh and shelf-stable. Skip the hard, fried versions as they will just disintegrate over the course of the meal.

Fresh noodles have a good chew, are made with the best ingredients, and cook in about two minutes. Using fresh noodles gives your dish a better flavor as the gluten in the noodle is still pliable. Fresh ramen noodles also are great at absorbing the broth stock for a tastier bite.

Best Uses for Fresh Ramen Noodles

Fresh noodles aren’t just for ramen. You can use them in a stirfry, salad, or even okonomiyaki. Below are some of our favorite fresh ramen noodles recipes from our staff:

Need some great ideas for toppings?

Every fresh ramen bowl should have at least one of each of these: Shoyu egg and chashu pork. Other ideas of what to add can be found here. And if you are adventurous you can see all of our recipes here.

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