How to make fresh ramen at home

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It’s one of the most asked questions our team gets – how to make fresh ramen at home? We have a lot of opinions on this subject as there are so many different styles of ramen from traditional to regional.

What we are going for is a way to save you $15 for a bowl of ramen and enjoy the same taste at home. There are some specific elements that you need to have to make the most popular ramen in Japan- Shoyu. Experience the taste for yourself and make restaurant-fresh ramen at home.

Gather the ingredients

The Noodles

Fresh ramen noodles are the best. You can buy them at the local Asian grocery in the freezer section or get our shelf-stable noodles here. Both will be made from the same ingredients, but, the difference is that shelf-stable ramen can last longer and is better for you than hard and fried ramen bricks.

Tasty Chashu Pork

The key to every bowl of ramen is chashu pork. It’s hard to avoid the succulent and savory flavor throughout the meal. Good chashu pork comes from picking the best pork belly. Make sure to firmly roll and season the meat over time. It keeps well in the fridge. Set it aside for bowls at midnight, or, enjoy it whenever you want. For our favorite chashu recipe check this out >

The Soup Broth

We will focus on the most popular type of ramen in Japan- Shoyu (or soy sauce). Shoyu ramen has broth made with soy sauce. Therefore, when we say “made with soy sauce”, we don’t mean that soy sauce is merely added to the cooked broth. Soy sauce is added to a pot of bones (usually chicken), vegetables, and water, and everything is simmered together to make a light brown broth. In our case, a great alternative is using our Umami Shoyu kits that contain near perfect (we think) flavor for your ramen.

Put it all together

Now that you have the basic elements – time to follow some recipes. Here is our favorite Shoyu Recipe. Simple and easy to make without buying a whole pork belly! (also view here>) Our favorite Spicy Shoyu Ramen recipe can also be found here.

Want to just get the noodles only and make your own soup stock?? Try our Keadama fresh ramen noodles. 5-stars on Amazon! BUY>>