Labor Day Grilling Guide

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Send off summer right! As the kids head back to school and the end of summer approaches, it’s time to end the season with one last, big cookout. Our Labor Day Grilling Guide has some great recipes to try on the grill and some salad ideas to make your Labor Day party spectacular. Try your hand at vegan burgers or go beyond basic for some gourmet salad options.

As always, Hakubaku USA can help with tasty and healthy seasonal recipes using our Kaedama fresh ramen noodles, Mochi Barley and your imagination. Check out the labor Day Grilling Guide to see what you can do!

Vegan Barley Burgers

Get your grilling going vegan style with this savory burger recipe using Mochi Barley. Put on the grill for that extra smoky flavor. Combine this with some freshly baked buns and a little bit of avocado, shitake mushroom or vegan mayo- and you will never tell the difference from beef! Amazing! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Firecracker Shrimp

This one always is a hit at our house! You can prepare this ahead of time before grilling so that the shrimp marinates. Cooks quickly on the grill. Use skewers to make grilling easy and simple. Serve with one of our easy to make Mochi Barley salads and BAM!- you have a quick BBQ meal! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Stuffed Zucchini

At the end of summer, a lot of vegetables are available and in our garden, we have a lot of zucchini.. almost too much. We use that to our advantage though by combining savory cheese, spices and Mochi Barley to make this a great side dish to our BBQ entries. Bake on the grill for an added layer of flavor. A little char never hurt and even adds to the dish! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Cold Ramen Peanut Salad

Combining some Thai flavors with our fresh ramen noodles makes a great addition to any BBQ get-together. This recipe uses our fresh ramen noodles with a bag of coleslaw mix and our special sauce recipe to make a tasty 5min salad anytime! GET THE RECIPE HERE

Greek Salad

Mediterranean flavors come alive with this dish and it only takes about 15min to make! Use our Mochi Barley and some mint, oil and fresh herbs. Pairs well with smoky BBQ entrees and the mint and olives just say “summertime” so well. Opa! GET THE RECIPE HERE

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