Kaedama Fresh Ramen Restaurant-Style Noodles


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Size: 8pc
  • 8pc

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Kaedama fresh ramen noodles from Japan! Restaurant-style taste!

  • Preservative-Free Fresh Noodles, Soft, Non-fried
  • Great for Ramen Noodle Soup, Stir-Fry or other brothless noodle dishes such as noodle salad
  • Cooking: Boil in saucepan with water for 2:00 minutes for hard or 2:30 minutes for a soft texture
  • Ready-to-use noodles are shelf-stable & needs no refrigeration
  • 8 Easy-to-use (3.5oz) noodle packs in a storage pouch.
  • Each individual serving is 3.5 oz.

Kaedama Fresh Ramen for that True Japanese Taste

Experienced Japanese ramen artisans have crafted a bold and hearty fresh noodle that is preservative-free. It’s as flavorful as any ramen restaurant so you can enjoy the true ramen experience at home with your favorite recipe. Our ramen is made using our FreshLock noodle method that yields a fresh, soft, flavorful noodle. Non-fried. No Preservatives. No MSG. – Only fresh Japanese authentic soft & fresh ramen noodles. Individually packed in single-serve vacuum sealed portions. Our large stay-fresh bag keeps your noodles fresh without refrigeration. Our Kaedama Ramen noodles are shelf-stable and convenient.