No Salt Japanese Soba & Udon Noodles Variety Pack


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  • No salt Soba- only wheat, buckwheat, and water.
    No Salt Udon– only wheat and water.
  • Original traditional recipe
  • Authentic Japanese taste, texture, and flavor
  • Made in Japan ( English labeled on back of pack)
  • Vegan

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No-Salt Japanese Soba & Udon Noodles from Hakubaku. Premium traditional Japanese taste and texture!

  • No salt – authentic texture
  • Authentic Japanese taste and flavor
  • Japanese Soba Noodle (Buckwheat noodle) or Udon- make your own combination!
  • 6.3 oz ( 180g) weight | Allergen information: contains wheat (udon and soba)


What makes our Premium Salt-free noodles special?


Our Soba buckwheat comes from the Kaida Highlands, Nagano Prefecture Japan. This area of Japan is well known for using the best water for noodle production. The combination of weather, soil, and light all come together to create a taste in the noodle that cannot compare to other Soba noodles. You can tell when you take your first bite. The quality just stands out.

Soba noodles are thin, brown to grey, Japanese noodles made of wheat and buckwheat flour. They are roughly as thick as Italian spaghetti, and are used in various hot and cold dishes. Soba can be served with various toppings, hot in a soup broth or chilled, and served with a dipping sauce, scallions and wasabi. Soba can also be used in stir fries and salads.

In Japan, soba noodles are found everywhere. They can be a popular, inexpensive fast food, an expensive exclusive specialty restaurant item, or made at home. There is research to indicate that Buckwheat has substantial health benefits as a regular part of a diet.


Our salt-free udon noodles hand-processed by artisans in small batches for greatness. Udon noodle traditional recipes include salt to soften the wheat- at Hakubaku USA, we don’t do that. Instead, Hakubaku Premium Salt-free Udon wheat is soaked two times in filtered water for a full bodied texture. No salt here. Then once the wheat is stone ground it is made into a dough to form our noodles. Simple- just wheat and water.

The wheat we use use has a special quality that is perfect for our Udon recipe. Our special no-salt process delivers the best flavor and texture of any Udon noodle.

Japanese Udon noodles can be round, square or flat with a texture suitable for more hearty dishes. They are made from wheat flour, salt and water. Although Udon noodles can be served cold, these thicker, soft, but slightly chewy, white noodles are usually served hot with various toppings, added to a hotpot dish and cooked with other ingredients, or sometimes included in a curry soup.


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