Make Your Own Ramen Variety Case, 12pk

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  • Make Your Own Ramen Case!
    • Shio, Shoyu, Miso ramen in one case
  • Must total 12 items, create any combination you want!
  • Authentic Japanese taste, texture, and flavor
  • Made in Japan

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Make Your Own Ramen Variety Case: Gourmet ramen noodles at a great price!

Our ramen variety case set pulls all the customer favorites together in one set at a great price! Fill the pantry today.

  • Authentic Japanese Ramen noodle soup – Skip ramen restaurant delivery and enjoy a real ramen experience at home!
  • Non-fried, soft noodles. The wavy noodle shape holds up to any broth and keeps its texture to the last slurp
  • Traditional savory and flavorful Miso soup stock
  • Quick and easy 1 pan cooking. Cook soup packet and noodles together in 2 cups of boiling water for “al dente” noodles for 2 minutes. For more tender noodles, boil for an additional 30 seconds. Use as a base for your noodle bowl and top with egg, chicken, red peppers, bamboo shoots, green onions, or anything you like!
  • Shelf stable. Needs no refrigeration
  • Product of Japan from an experienced Japanese noodle manufacture


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