Shoyu Fresh Ramen Soy Sauce flavor, 2-Meal Pouch


  • Shoyu Soy Sauce 2-Meal kits
  • NO MSG. Just great Tonkotsu Pork Flavor Soup Concentrate.
  • NON-FRIED Noodles, Soft, Fresh. Ready to eat in 2 Minutes.
  • Each Pouch has 2 MEALS (2x soup, 2x noodles)
Fresh Ramen 2-pack: Shoyu Soy Sauce
Pack Count: Single

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Enjoy a Japanese Restaurant-Style Experience- at Home.

  • 2-meal Shoyu Fresh Ramen Soy Sauce (2 total servings in every bag!)
  • Preservative-Free Fresh Noodles. Shelf Stable.
  • NO MSG. Just great Shoyu Soy Sauce Flavor Soup Concentrate.
  • NON-FRIED Noodles, Soft, Fresh.
  • Needs NO Refrigeration
  • Ready to eat in 2 Minutes.
  • 2 Noodle packs & 2 Soup per package

Get Shoyu Fresh Ramen Restaurant-Style flavor!

Premium traditional ingredients from one of the top grain producers in Japan Hakubaku USA honors the time-tested tradition of a bowl with ingredients in harmony.  Fresh ramen noodles are gently dried using our FreshLock Noodle Method keeps the noodle soft – not hard or fried like other instant ramen. Preservative-free fresh ramen noodles made from the best grains without any fillers. Prepare your noodles just like a Japanese Ramen restaurant: 2 minutes for chewy or 2:30 for a soft noodle.
Traditional ramen soup stock contains NO MSG – just true restaurant-style flavor. Shoyu flavor soup concentrate is easy to make, just add boiling water for a rich broth. Boil the noodles, assemble with your favorite toppings and enjoy fresh ramen at home. Be Traditional, Be Creative. Make it Your Own.