Shoyu Fresh Ramen Soy Sauce flavor, 2-Meal Pouch


  • Shoyu Soy Sauce 2-Meal kits
  • NO MSG.
  • Shoyu Soy Sauce Flavor Soup Concentrate
  • NON-FRIED Noodles are  Soft & Fresh.
  • Ready to eat in 2 Minutes.
  • Each Pouch has 2 MEALS (2x soup, 2x noodles)
Fresh Ramen 2-pack: Shoyu Soy Sauce
Pack Count: Single

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Enjoy the Japanese Restaurant-fresh Ramen Experience- anytime.

  • 2-meal Shoyu Fresh Ramen Soy Sauce (2 total servings in every bag!)
  • Preservative-Free Fresh Noodles. Shelf Stable.
  • NO MSG. Great Shoyu Soy Sauce Flavor Soup Concentrate.
  • NON-FRIED Noodles, Soft, Fresh.
  • Needs NO Refrigeration
  • Ready to eat in 2 Minutes.
  • 2 Noodle packs & 2 Soup per package

Get Shoyu Fresh Ramen Restaurant-Style flavor!

Shoyu Fresh Ramen uses premium traditional ingredients from one of the top grain producers in Japan. Hakubaku USA honors the time-tested tradition of a bowl with ingredients in harmony.  Fresh ramen noodles are gently dried using our FreshLock Noodle Method keeps the noodle soft – not hard or fried like other instant ramen.
Preservative-free fresh ramen noodles made from the best grains without any fillers. Prepare your noodles just like a Japanese Ramen restaurant: 2 minutes for chewy or 2:30 for a soft noodle.
Traditional ramen soup stock contains NO MSG – just true restaurant-style flavor. Shoyu flavor soup concentrate is easy to make, just add boiling water for a rich broth.
Boil the noodles, assemble with your favorite toppings and enjoy fresh ramen at home. Be Traditional, Be Creative. Make it Your Own.

Image No Additives, No Fillers.

Hakubaku ramen noodles are made in Japan in a region known for its water and wheat. Our traditional recipe calls for nothing but the best wheat for a chewy ramen noodle. Always preservative-free.

ImageHow do you like it?
Cook Hakubaku ramen noodles 2:00min for firm and 2:30min for soft. Our noodles balance out the soup concentrate perfectly for that restaurant fresh experience at home!

 ImageRamen bar experience anytime!

Hakubaku fresh ramen kits contain soft, fresh noodles that do not need to be refrigerated! Shelf-stable and individually packed for easy use. It’s our noodles that make a good bowl of ramen into a great one!

Image Skip the preservatives. 
Hakubaku fresh ramen kits do not have ANY added MSG like other instant noodle brands. Our flavor comes from using the best ingredients for that ramen bar experience.