Ramen at Home for Valentine’s Day

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Ramen at Home for Valentine’s Day occurs on a Friday this year! Valentine’s Day is perfect – 2/14 is Friday and it follows 3 days weekend (Presidents’ Day).
How would you like to celebrate your Valentines’ Day?
Get roses, going out to have dinner at a nice restaurant will be nice for sure. From my experience working at a service industry, I already know it will be a very busy, packed Friday dinner with very tired, frustrated servers Рsome of the restaurants even allow to reserve a table only for 1 hour per couple or group. 

Some Easy Ramen Dinner ideas

Now, I would like to recommend these recipes to make a wonderful bowl of ramen. I recommend you to cook a few days before Valentine’s day so the flavor will be perfect on an actual day and you will not be rushed. 

Try this recipe for the perfect ramen egg. And use this Chashu pork recipe.
These toppings will rest in the refrigerator. On Friday, when you and your valentine come home, just slice them and place them on top of the ramen. 
For a romantic dinner, all you need is 2 people and something to eat. Its an easy but still nice dinner to show love. You can make it together, at home, to share your love of cooking and dining together!

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See some of our great recipe ideas:

Made your own ramen recipe?
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