Tonkotsu Ramen Noodles

tonkotsu ramen noodles

tonkotsu ramen noodlesNEW FAMILY SIZE BAG, SAME GREAT TASTE!
Our savory Tonkotsu Ramen kit has the right amount of flavor to stand up to any topping. Enjoy an authentic Japanese ramen soup and noodle experience- at home.

Soft non-fried Japanese ramen noodles and hearty Tonkotsu pork soup stock make a great starting point to any bowl. 

  • Noodles without artificial chemical preservatives.
  • Four servings per bag (soup concentrate + noodles)
  • Non-fried, soft noodles from Japan are shelf-stable
  • Does not need refrigeration
  • Real pork flavor soup concentrate, just add boiling water to make broth
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Ramen how it should be.

Quick and Tasty

cooking ramen noodles


Add ramen noodles to boiling water. Cook 2:00min.

Soft noodles made with egg white and KANSUI (Sodium Carbonate) for authentic flavor and texture.

cooking ramen noodles


Pour soup pack into bowl. Add 14oz boiling water. Stir.

Soup concentrate from our special recipe. Authentic Japanese ramen noodle and soup taste- at home!

cooking ramen noodles


Add noodles to soup to bring it all together and enjoy!

Add toppings and learn how to make ramen toppings to try
at home by clicking here>>


What Do You Put in Ramen?


Balance: Bamboo shoots, bean sprouts or corn can add a lightness to the soups balance. Add a touch of pickled ginger for savoriness.


Egg :
Put egg in boiling water, simmer  7 Minutes. Cool in ice water.  Cut in half. Should be of a custard consistency


Fish Cake : Narutomaki is typically steamed fish cake that adds flavor and color. Traditional Chasu pork, boiled shrimp or imitation crab works too!


Scallions : diced and sliced balances pork or meat flavor.  Spinach can also be used.