Top 3 reasons fresh ramen delivery has some competition

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Better than fresh ramen delivery, its Hakubaku fresh ramen. We are of course biased. But during these odd times getting a bowl of fresh ramen from your local ramen joint can be tempting , and pricey!

Hakubaku has the answer when you want that craving at around 1am and every place in town is closed. Our fresh ramen kits give you the ramen delivery fresh restaurant taste you can enjoy at home anytime.

Better than ramen delivery, its Hakubaku at Home

Adding a little heat and some seasoned meat

Not that we are knocking any restaurants, but we know that when the ramen craving strikes – it hits hard. And it strike without notice like say at 1am. So we came up with a few ideas that can get you that taste you crave and fresh ramen noodles from Japan that rival any restaurant.

So lets look at a few reason that make Hakubaku ramen your next bowl of choice for that late night (or anytime) meal.

Reason #1 : Using ingredients at home is healthier

Be a seafood champ with this Champon Ramen recipe!

We know its obvious, but making ramen at home with fresh ingredients is just a little healthier and not much harder than using a delivery app. We have some great recipes here and here that take only minutes to make but yield a lot of flavor.

Reason #2 : Its easier on the wallet

Let’s face it, you would probably order out ramen almost every day if it was around five dollars delivered -who wouldn’t? But for that price you can have a bowl anytime you like. For under $4 you can make yourself a vegetarian bowl of ramen like this vegetarian curry ramen. Don’t underestimate the flavor of roasted veggies or grilled eggplant in your bowl. And don’t forget the braised tofu!

Reason #3: Its fun!

Tonkotsu for two!

There is a wide spectrum of toppings you can put in your ramen. Although we do not suggest chocolate- this list can give you some ideas. Grab a bunch of ramen packs and create your own ramen bar in your kitchen. Chop up some green onions, add some corn, some leftover BBQ or some other protein and enjoy!

Getting hungry? Get some ramen for when the craving strikes and ramen delivery is done for the night. Order some of your favorite flavor or try a new fresh ramen flavor today!