Why are fresh ramen noodles so good

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What makes fresh ramen noodles better than a hard brick of instant noodles? Well for one, true taste in a bowl of ramen comes from the base soup stock and the texture of the noodles. Non-fried, fresh noodles you make yourself are best (if have the time to do it) but we suggest just finding fresh ready-to-use noodles from Japan. Read on for tips to make ramen at home!

The Soup Broth Makes the Bowl

Ramen has many variations such as For example, Nagoya Taiwan style of ramen is a very specific regional dish. But most settle around some form of protein or flavor. The most common can be found here and consist of Shio, Miso, Tonkotsu, and Shoyu.

What are the Key Ingredients of Ramen Noodles?

It’s simple really: water and wheat (sometimes egg whites depending on the recipe). Some ramen noodles from Japan start with a specifically grown wheat for ramen noodles. Some areas of Japan grow this wheat where the soil and water is a little more alkaline and imparts into the wheat stalk. When ground to a flour to make noodle dough, the mixture retains a little more elasticity compared to using only local municipality water and wheat alone. When subjected to cooking, the noodle retains its texture and firmness while soaking up the soup. This helps to add some complexity to the bowl and makes an authentic bowl of fresh Japanese ramen.

Forget the brick. Choose fresh ramen.

Fresh noodles just give you the flavor you want. Simple and firm.

Instant noodles were invented in 1958 when Momofuku Ando discovered how to dehydrate noodles in his shed. So many preservatives just make the hard, fried, brick noodles indigestible. Soft fresh noodles that are partially hydrated can be a cook’s best friend. Cooking fresh ramen is an art in itself, click here to find out how!

Japanese Fresh Ramen noodles

Fresh ramen made -without preservatives- yields a noodle that holds up to the soup broth and toppings and won’t get mushy after 2 minutes.  Fresh ramen allows you to cook them to the proper texture

Try fresh ramen today buy trying these Kaedama noodles or Restaurant Fresh ramen kits.

Check out these recipes for your next bowl of ramen!

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