What noodles should I buy to make fresh ramen?

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Fresh ramen is a distinctly Chinese soup that arrived in Japan with Chinese tradesmen in the nineteenth century, through the American occupation after the war, to the proliferation of instant ramen in Japan in the seventies. Soon after a national frenzy in the eighties and nineties that gave birth to ramen chef celebrities, ramen museums, and ramen wearables evolved in the US. Furthermore, America’s embrace of ramen and Japanese culture today, as exhibited by the cultlike craze surrounding the sixteen-dollar bowls of ramen served by the celebrity chef David Chang is just nuts. So after all this, you want to make fresh ramen at home. First, ask yourself- what noodles should I buy to make fresh ramen?

So many ramen shops

Look around and you can probably throw a stone and hit a ramen shop in any major or mid-town urban area today. Would you try to buy some noodles there- probably not? Ramen shops typically keep that ingredient under wraps.

Market basket

What about the store? Ah.. there may be an Asian grocery store near you- but many of the noodles are dried, fried or frozen. This may be ok, but the result won’t be what you would experience at a ramen bar.

Make fresh ramen at home

Make them yourself? If you have the time and want the satisfaction of making them yourself we say – go for it! But for us we are a little lazy and just want some fresh noodles we can use at the ready. Noodles that are from Japan; and are fresh and soft.

We suggest Kaedama noodles from Hakubaku USA. Each packet is portioned properly and has the springy texture that you expect from a ramen restaurant- but without the expensive price. Cook Kaedama for 2:00 minutes for “hard” noodles or 2:30 minutes for a softer noodle. Fresh noodles are the key to enjoying fresh ramen. They hold the essence of the broth and add to the taste of every variation and flavor of ramen.

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