Why fresh ramen noodles are better

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Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup that is the most exported cusine around the world. It was originally called shina soba, literally “Chinese soba” because of its origins in China. However, historians aren’t sure when the jump to Japan happened.

Why fresh ramen noodles are better than a hard brick in a poly-pak ramen is pretty clear. Ramen is typically made up of hand-pulled wheat noodles in chicken (Shio), soy sauce (Shoyu) or pork stock (Tonkotsu), topped with scallions, bamboo shoot, and sliced barbecue pork (chashu). And traditionally in Japan, there are a number of regional variations. For example, Nagoya Taiwan style of ramen is a very specific regional dish.

Instant Noodles – please avoid the brick!

Please be team FRESH and avoid the ‘brick’!

Instant noodles were invented in 1958 when Momofuku Ando discovered how to dehydrate noodles in his shed. What Ando could not have anticipated is how mass-produced [10 for $1] packaged ramen has almost destroyed the value of the Japanese ramen tradition. So many preservatives just make the hard, fried, brick noodles indigestible.

Instant hard-brick noodles are just not that great. Really.. it’s not conjecture its a fact. So many preservatives to keep the noodles around for years. Hard brick-style noodles don’t give you the option of making a chew or springy noodle the traditional way many ramen bars will do. Once fried, these bricks are void of any flavor or nutrition. We can do better.

True Japanese Fresh Ramen noodles are best

Fresh noodles without preservatives are best!

The tradition of drying ramen without frying it will make your bowl of ramen that much better. Fresh ramen made -without preservatives- yields a noodle that holds up to the soup broth and toppings and won’t get mushy after 2 minutes.¬† In addition, fresh noodles give you the option to cook them to the proper texture for a REAL ramen experience. Ask anyone that loves ramen- it’s the springy noodles that make the bowl enjoyable.

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