Mix it up!

Add taste, texture and nutrition to your next rice dish.


Hakubaku’s 16 Multi Mixed Grain has topped for 3 straight years in the mixed grain category in Japan, making it one of the most delicious mixed grain products.

Meticulously choosing only the best ingredients, we surveyed almost 1,000 consumers as to taste with fantastic results! Testing our mix for "Umami" or savory taste. High in (Glutamic Acid) also makes our 16 multigrain mix nutritious.

The nutritional profile of these mixed grains is comprised of vitamin B6, vitamin B1, calcium, magnesium, iron, and dietary fiber – giving it comparable health benefits of a salad!

Perfect for making Japgokbap [잡곡밥 ]  and paired with kimchi for the ultimate dish!

It's the perfect balance of taste and nutrition! Hakubaku 16 Multi Mixed Grain will balance your nutritional intake when added to any rice dish or rice bowl!


Cook with Rice to Boost
Flavor & Nutrition!

Cook our 16 grain mix with your rice for the best texture and taste.

How to cook:

  • Measure rice and water as usual.
  • Add 1 packet (30g) per 300g – 450g of rice, stir lightly.
  • Hit button to cook in rice cooker.


  • Put rice and 1 packet of 16 grain mix into a pot
  • Cover with water, cover pot with lid
  • Bring to boil for 5 min.
  • Simmer until rice is tender.

What's in the bag?

Foxtail Millet, Black Rice, Black Bean, Amaranth, Sprouted Brown Rice, Quinoa, Sorghum, Adzuki Bean, Black Sesame, White Sesame, Proso Millet, Barley, Red Rice, Barnyard Millet, Adlay, Corn.

Just add one packet (30g) of multi grains to 300g of white rice, gently mix and cook for a delicious and healthy diet.


Recipe:Item #1

Recipe:Item #1

Recipe:Item #1

Recipe:Item #1

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