OH BABY, Noodles!

No Salt. Small Size. Easy to Eat!


Baby noodles made with only water and grain.

Hakubaku Baby Noodles in Somen, Spaghetti and Udon are great for baby's first noodles. No salt added, nothing artificial- just good wheat noodles that are easy to eat.
Small 1" (2.5cm) noodle sizes are great as a soup or mixed up with veggies and meat. Great for little hands to hold and eat as well.

  • No Salt. Only grain and filtered water.
  • Easy to eat 1" size.
  • 1-pot cooking for easy clean-up.
  • Made in Japan.

When Can Babies Have Noodles?

Hakubaku baby noodles are the best way to introduce baby to their first solid food. Made from only grain and 3x filtered water- you can start our Somen noodles as early as 5 months.

Our products are made for children 5 months to 9 months and up. Every package has a clearly marked month guide number so there is no confusion. Japanese mothers and moms worldwide have been feeding their little ones our baby noodles for generations.

Easy resealable zipper pouch for storage and self-standing too! Use in stews, soups and stir-fry dishes or anywhere you want to make something yummy for baby!

Made with NO SALT. Our noodles easy to use in a one-pot dish for quick clean ups.

No-salt Baby Noodle Products for Every Age!


Baby Somen Noodles
Best wheat for great taste.

For children 5 months and up. Made with zero salt and premium Japanese wheat from traditional recipes.



Baby Udon Noodles
makes it easy and good.

For little ones 7 months and up. Small noodles and zero salt makes this Udon easy to make. Picks up any flavor.



Baby Spaghetti
A little bit of Italian

Baby's first Italian food! Stands up to sauces and little fingers! Easy 1-pot meals means easy cleanup.