Mochimugi Barley Pasta Noodles


  • Enjoy the delightfully chewy texture with a blend of barley “mochi barley” grain in every noodle
  • Wide flat noodles that go well with rich sauces such as cream and meat sauces.
  • The noodles are 7″ (18 cm) short versus regular long pasta, making it easy to cook in a small pot.
  • No need to add salt to the pot when boiling.
  • Vegan

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Mochimugi Barley Pasta Noodles.
Added dietary fiber in a tasty traditional pasta noodle.

mochimugi barley pasta

Why Mochimugi Barley Pasta Noodles?

Experienced noodle artisans have crafted healthy and tasty pasta noodle that contains fiber from barley to produce a smooth and full-bodied texture. Our pasta noodle has extra dietary fiber in the noodle. Use in any traditional Italian dish or recipe. Great with red or cream sauces or hearty proteins.

Cooking instructions Mochimugi Sticky Barley Pasta

mochimugi barley pasta

The 7″ ( 18cm) short noodles are easy to boil even in a small pot.

mochimugi barley pasta

By boiling for 7 minutes without adding salt, you can enjoy the chewy texture of the al-dente pasta.

One serving of Mochimugi pasta helps to provide part of the recommended amount of dietary fiber needed daily.



  Try it today in your next meal or any dish!