Okonomiyaki Flour Mix 14.1 oz (Japanese Style Savory Pancake)


  • Flour Mix for Okonomiyaki (Japanese Savory Pancake)
  • Ground especially for Okonomiyaki for fluffy grill result
  • Pre-mix with powdered “Dashi (Broth) such as bonito flakes, kelp and yam for authentic taste
  • Net weight 14.1 oz(400g)
  • Makes approximately 7 servings

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Okonomiyaki Flour Mix uses Japanese domestically produced wheat, is ground specifically for pancake, is pre-mixed with powdered “Dashi”(broth) such as Bonito flake, Kelp and yam. It makes your Okonomi-Yaki very fluffy, delicate yet rich, and delicious as if at an authentic Okonomiyaki restaurant in Japan.

What is Okonomi-Yaki – Savory pancake from Japan?

Okonomi-Yaki is a pancake typically stuffed with cabbage, topped with pork or shrimp, and dressed with a Japanese may and okonomi sauce.

Okonomi” means “how you like it”, and “Yaki” is grilled – Okonomi-Yaki is anything you like, grilled. It is very customizable – mix any vegetables you like with pancake dough, top any protein of your choice to make your own!

Enjoy an exotic grilling experience with your choice of veggies, toppings, and sauces! See the recipe here>>