Mochimugi Pearled Barley Udon, 3pk x 9.5oz


  • Sold as a 3 Pack x 9.5 oz
  • 11.4 g of dietary fibers contained per pack(270g/9.5 oz).
  • Made with wheat flours and Mochimugi barley flours
  • Authentic Smooth and Body-full texture
  • Made in Japan.

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Mochimugi Pearled Barley Udon.  Added dietary fiber in a tasty Udon noodle.

Why Mochi Mugi (pearled barley) Udon Noodles?

Experienced udon noodle artisans have crafted healthy and tasty udon noodle that contains fiber from barley to produce smooth and full-bodied texture. This lends extra dietary fiber to the udon noodle. True authentic Japanese udon noodle made in Japan.

Cooking instructions Mochimugi Pearled Barley Udon:

Cook in boiling water for 6 min for a hot dish, 7min for cold(no salt or oil is not needed). Drain then rinse well with water. Drain again.

Udon made the traditional way in Japan.

No salt used in production yields a great taste and texture.Use it in vegan dishes and to get the extra fiber you need every day. Great recipes can be found here in our website to use them in stirfrys, noodles dishes, cold or hot as a salad. There is no limit to what you can do with these soba noodles. Yum!

 Try it today in your next meal or this dish!