Takoyaki (Japanese ball-shaped Pancake) Flour Mix, 14.1 oz


  • Flour Mix for Takoyaki (Japanese Ball-shaped Pancake)
  • Ground especially for Takoyaki for fluffy inside and crispy outside result
  • Pre-mix with powdered “Dashi (Broth) such as bonito flakes, kelp and soysauce for authentic taste
  • Net weight 14.1 oz(400g)
  • Makes approximately 20 servings

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Takoyaki flour mix: Uniquely Japanese, truly authentic

Hakubaku’s Takoyaki flour mix uses Japanese domestically produced wheat and is blended specifically for pancake. It is pre-mixed with powdered “Dashi”(broth) such as bonito flake, kelp, and soy sauce powders. It makes your Tako-Yaki grilled fluffy inside and crispy outside, and authentically delicious.

What is Tako-Yaki Japanse comfort street food?

Tako-Yaki is known as an octopus ball. It is a Japanese comfort street food spread from the west part of Japan. It looks like cake pops but is a savory ball-shaped pancake stuffed with small pieces of vegetables and protein inside. Protein is traditionally octopus, yet could be anything (so-called “Kawari-Dane” in Japanese), such as sausage, bacon, cheese, and a small mochi piece or whatever you desire. After all, it is as you like it (“yaki”)!

The oldest known takoyaki store is Aizuya in Osaka. Founded by Tomakichi Endo, it has been open since the 1930s. The first takoyaki included beef and konjac, but later Endo switched to using the now traditional octopus and added flavor to the batter. The takoyaki is then eaten with brown sauce, similar to Worcestershire sauce. The food, known as “octopus balls”, quickly became popular throughout Japan.

Be adventurous and have fun with this Japanese comfort food with a cake pop maker/Takoyaki-Grill.