Takoyaki (Japanese ball-shaped Pancake) Flour Mix, 14.1 oz


  • Flour Mix for Takoyaki (Japanese Ball-shaped Pancake)
  • Ground especially for Takoyaki for fluffy inside and crispy outside result
  • Pre-mix with powdered “Dashi (Broth) such as bonito flakes, kelp and soysauce for authentic taste
  • Net weight 14.1 oz(400g)
  • Makes approximately 20 servings

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What is Tako-Yaki – Japanse comfort street food

Tako-Yaki is known as octopus ball. It is a Japanese comfort street food spread from west part of Japan. It looks like cake pops but is a savory ball-shaped pancake stuffed with small piece of vegetables and protein inside. Protein is traditionally octopus, yet could be anything (so called “Kawari-Dane” in Japanese), such as sausage, bacon, cheese, and a small mochi piece etc.,

Hakubaku’s Tako-Yaki flour mix uses Japanese domestically produced wheat, is ground specifically for pancake, is pre-mixed with powdered “Dashi”(broth) such as Bonito flake, Kelp and Soysauce etc. It makes your Tako-Yaki grilled fluffy inside and crispy outside, and authentically delicious.

Be adventurous and have fun for this Japanese comfort food with a cake pop maker/Takoyaki-Grill.