Sobayu Made Oishii Soba Kuro, 9.5 oz x 3 pack


  • Enjoy the “Oishi = Tasty”, Japanese Soba Restaurant Experience at Home with soba and sobayu
  • The first ingredient is buckwheat
  • No salt
  • Stone-milled buckwheat for a rich and toasty flavor
  • Sobayu= Soba cooking water, can be enjoyed after the meal
  • 9.5oz net wt

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No-Salt Sobayu Made Oishii Soba Kuro from Hakubaku. Restaurant Quality Japanese Soba.

Restaurant taste of Soba at home. Developed to bring the authentic taste of Japanese long-established Soba restaurant experience at home. Made with premium stone-milled buckwheat, wheat, and yam.

  • Whole “Oishi = Tasty” Japanese soba restaurant experience at home – soba and sobayu
  • No salt – the first ingredient is buckwheat
  • Stone-milled buckwheat for a rich and toasty flavor
  • Sobayu, Soba cooking water, to enjoy after the meal

Cooking & Serving Directions:

  • Noodles: Cook soba noodles in boiling water for 6-7 minutes. Keep the cooking water if plan to enjoy Sobayu. Rinse soba noodle well with cold water and drain.
  • Sobayu: enjoy by itself after the meal or with a tiny bit of soba dipping soup mixed.

Why is Sobayu made Oishii Soba Kuro so special?

There are two parts to the title and together describe the restaurant-quality experience of this special soba. “Oishii” means “savory” and describes an authentic Japanese restaurant soba experience. Sobayu [“Sobayu-yu”], is the soba cooking water in Japanese.

Sobayu Made Oishii Soba Kuro has no salt, therefore, the remaining cooking liquid is high in minerals and nutrients. When you order a cold soba dish at a soba restaurant in Japan, it is a traditional custom that as the staff notices you finishing your noodles they will bring you a pot of Soba-yu when you are ready for it. You then enjoy drinking Soba-yu by itself, or with a tiny bit of soba dipping soup mixed in. As our soba is made from high-quality buckwheat, the Sobayu is high in minerals and vitamins.

Try it today in your next meal or this dish!