Mochimugi Pearled Barley Soba, 9.5oz


  • 15.6 g of dietary fibers contained per pack(270g/9.5 oz)
  • Made with wheat flours, buckwheat flours and Mochimugi barley flours
  • Authentic smooth, full-bodied texture
  • Made in Kaida Highland Japan,  famous for noodle production

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Mochimugi Pearled Barley Soba. Added dietary fiber in a tasty Soba.

Why Mochi Mugi (pearled barley) Soba Noodles?

Experienced soba noodle artisans have crafted healthy and tasty soba noodle that contains fiber from barley. This produces a smooth, full-bodied texture and gives extra dietary fiber to the soba noodle. A true authentic Japanese soba noodle is made in Kaida Highland Japan, one of the best and famous place for noodle production.

Cooking instructions Mochimugi Pearled Barley Soba:

Cook in boiling water for 3 min 30 seconds for a hot dish, 4 min for cold(no salt or oil is not needed). Drain then rinse well with water. Drain again.

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