Mochimugi Pearled Barley Soba, 9.5oz x 3 pack


  • 15.6 g of dietary fibers contained per pack(270g/9.5 oz)
  • Made with wheat flours, buckwheat flours and Mochimugi barley flours
  • Authentic smooth, full-bodied texture
  • Made in Kaida Highland Japan,  famous for noodle production

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Mochimugi Pearled Barley Soba. The Japanese secret to a healthy diet.

Why Use Mochi Mugi (pearled barley) Soba Noodles?

Experienced soba noodle staff at Hakubaku have crafted healthy and tasty soba noodle that contains fiber from barley. This produces a smooth, full-bodied texture and gives extra dietary fiber to the soba noodle. Every package in total has 15.6 g of dietary fibers contained per pack(270g/9.5 oz). Not only do you get a great-tasting noodle, but, some possible health benefits from the extra dietary fiber from our mochi mugi barley. Find out the benefits of Mochi Mugi Pearled Japanese Barley here.

Our soba noodles are produced in Kaida Highland Japan, one of the best most famous places for noodle production. The mountain air and mild climate produce grain that is perfect for soba. Water filters down from the mountains in the wintertime into the fields in the valleys below. During the growing season, the surrounding mountains hold a cool climate making for great plant growth.

Cooking instructions Mochimugi Pearled Barley Soba:

Cook in boiling water for 3 min 30 seconds for a hot dish, 4 min for cold (no salt or oil is not needed). Drain then rinse well with water. Drain again.

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