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Men Tsuyu Soba & Udon Soup Base

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Making  Men Tsuyu (Udon and Soba Soup Base) from scratch by Hakubaku Staff A classic recipe that is enjoyed with soba noodles (and some udon) is called Men Tsuyu – Udon and Soba Soup Base. Why buy from a bottle …

cold soba noodles

Lime Daikon Horseradish Cold Soba

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Lime Horseradish Cold Soba  – Delight in a bowl of cold soba noodles for Summer. by Hakubaku Staff When I was a kid, my parents sometimes took my sister and me to an old local soba restaurant. It’s already a …

Grilled Chicken Soba Stirfry

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This tasty recipe uses Hakubaku Salt-free Soba for an unexpected delight in this Grilled Chicken Soba Stirfry!  Soba noodles are a quick substitute for the rice, and we really like the crisp-tender bite from fresh broccoli and a package of …