Mugicha Barley Tea for cold brew (Mizudashi), No Caffiene, No calories, 18ct bag


  • Serve Hot or Cold
  • Use in your favorite bubble tea or boba drink!
  • Artisan Roasted, From Japan
  • No Caffeine
  • Unique smoky, nutty flavor
  • 18 ct. teabag pack

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Hakubaku Barley tea for cold brew (Mizudashi de Oishii Mugicha) 18 bags, each bag brews 34 fl oz. (1 L) of tea. It is healthy, naturally caffeine-free, sugar-free, and deliciously refreshing. For cold brew(Mizudashi), just add a tea bag to a pitcher of water (34 fl oz/1 L) and let steep in the refrigerator for 2 hours, no boiling water is needed. Product of Japan. Get great taste and the health benefits of barley all in one drink!

Our 18 sachet count is great for large parties or to have ready for consumption. Add some lemon and honey or fruit slices for a little sweetness.

  • Barley tea(Mugicha) is healthy, naturally caffeine-free and sugar-free, and deliciously refreshing
  • Cold brew(Mizudashi) – just add a tea bag to a pitcher of water(1 L) and let steep in the refrigerator for 2 hours. No boiling water is needed.
  • Each pack includes eighteen 0.7 oz tea bags, each tea bag makes 34 fl oz (1 L) of barley tea
  • Net Weight : 12.7 oz(360g = 20g x 18 bags)
  • Made with barley produced in Japan


MAKE Roasted Barley Bubble Tea


Sweet, refreshing, ZERO CAFFEINE!


  • 1 cup tapioca pearls
  • 3 Tbsp white sugar
  • 1 Tbsp of barley
  • 2 black tea bags (Ceylon or 5 Roses tea)
  • Milk to taste
  • 3 cups ice (cubes)


  • Boil a medium-sized pot of water and put the tapioca pearls in once bubbling.
  • Leave the pearls to boil for an hour, checking at 15-minute intervals, then mix to prevent them from sticking to the pot.
  • Once the pearls are cooked, strain them and place them into a bowl of ice (2 cups) immediately to cool.

While waiting for the pearls, brew the tea:

  • Boil 2 cups of water in a saucepan, then add the tea bags – boil for 5 minutes
  • take the bags out and add the sugar into the pot and mix.
  • Once the sugar has melted, remove the tea bags.
  • Allow the tea to cool.
  • Place the tapioca pearls into glasses.
  • Pour the roasted barley black tea into the glasses
  • Add milk to taste and ice blocks to serve.