Tonkotsu Ramen Casepack, 12pc


  • Authentic Japanese Ramen
  • Non-fried, soft noodles.
  • Shelf-stable. Needs no refrigeration.
  • Authentic Tonktosu soup stock included.
  • Easy 1 pan cooking – Ready in 2 minutes

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Tonkotsu Ramen Casepack: Bulk ramen savings on a flavor you love!

Tonkotsu ramen is infused with a great soy sauce umami flavor in the tradition of one of the most popular ramen flavors. Traditional pork bone flavored soup base made according to a secret recipe. The broth for Tonkotsu is the type that tends not to contain pork. Tonkotsu soup is also usually cloudy and light-colored with savory pork taste.

  • Authentic Japanese Ramen noodle soup – Skip ramen restaurant delivery and enjoy a real ramen experience at home!
  • Non-fried, soft noodles. The wavy noodle shape holds up to any broth and keeps its texture to the last slurp
  • Traditional savory and flavorful Tonkotsu soup stock
  • Quick and easy 1 pan cooking. Cook soup packet and noodles together in 2 cups of boiling water for “al dente” noodles for 2 minutes. For more tender noodles, boil for an additional 30 seconds. Use as a base to your noodle bowl and top with egg, chicken, red peppers, bamboo shoots, green onions, or anything you like!
  • Shelf stable. Needs no refrigeration
  • Does not contain pork.
  • Product of Japan

Get the real Tonkotsu ramen restaurant experience at home!

It’s about the ramen noodles

Soft noodles, never fried!  Authentic Japanese ramen noodles made with select wheat. Our unique manufacturing process produces noodles that are soft and wavy before cooking. The noodle holds its texture while cooking and throughout the meal. Each package includes a savory Tonkotsu soup packet for a truly Japanese ramen experience. Prepare your noodles just like a Japanese Ramen restaurant: 2 minutes for chewy or 2:30 for soft noodles.  Add the Tonkotsu soup pack for a savory broth. In about 2 minutes you are ready to eat! Assemble with your favorite toppings and enjoy authentic Japanese ramen at home.

Be Traditional, Be Creative. Make it Your Own.

Harmony, balance, flavor, and great noodle texture. It’s as close to a ramen restaurant noodle as you can get from a packaged ramen. We capture the taste of being at a local ramen bar in Japan and deliver the same experience to enjoy at home! Our savory ramen soup bases are flavorful and balance well with the toppings in your bowl.

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