Best Easy Ramen Hacks | Top Things to add to Ramen

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We have listed some of the best easy ramen hacks and ideas to add to ramen from our kitchens here at Hakubaku USA. Kick your bowl into high gear by upgrading your ramen choices to make a top-quality meal. Anything from spices to pieces of chicken, beef, or pork can make ramen more than just a snack.

The beauty of ramen is how versatile it can be. If you add a bunch of vegetables, including spinach, carrots, and peas, it can be a nutritious side dish.

best easy ramen hacks
Tonkotsu, we love you!

By inserting eggs, cheese, and sauteed meats, it can be the main course to die for. The ramen additions on this list of ramen toppings can make the perfect snack or meal you need to get through the day without breaking the bank with some of these best easy ramen hacks.

What are your favorite hacks for ramen? This list has the top ingredients for ramen that will transform ramen into a delectable meal. If your favorite ramen ingredient isn’t on the ramen toppings list, make sure to add it.

best easy ramen hacks
Egg-cuse me!

#1 Soft Boiled Egg, Shoyu Egg

Is an easy and filling staple of just about every ramen bowl out there. Make some of these eggs in advance to keep in the refrigerator when you get a ramen craving. Check out our recipe: HOW TO MAKE the perfect Japanese ramen egg.

#2 Chopped Green Onions | Scallions

Well, it’s no surprise that this one is so popular with its fragrant bouquet and taste. The best way to do this is to add to your boiling pot near the end. Gives your soup base a great flavor. As an alternative, you can sautee some chopped green onions in a little oil until they get soft, and add to your ramen cook method. OR EVEN BETTER!! – try our Caramelized Scallion Ramen Noodles recipe!

#3 Chicken

best easy ramen hacks
Hot & Spicy!

However you like your ramen, the fact is that you will want some kind of protein in it. You can use some leftover chicken and toss it in or make something great by adding a little seasoning and pan-frying some up. And we have just the perfect solution for you – Spicy Sriracha Chicken Ramen. You can make it in one pot and enjoy! Check out the recipe here.

#4 Mushrooms and Beansprouts- or any vegetables for that matter!

One easy way to make your ramen more authentic is to add mushrooms, bok choy, beansprouts, or bamboo shoots to the bowl. We use some sesame oil and garlic, then sautee the veggies in a pan quickly until wilted. Add to your bowl to create another layer of flavor to your dish. Great when used with our kaedama noodles for a vegetarian delight! See recipes here.

#5 Chashu Pork (or beef if you’re lazy)

Chashu, where are you

Chashu pork is really quite the ingredient in a ramen bowl. Check out our recipe here. If you just don’t have the patience to make Chashu Pork (really..we don’t blame you) – try using some thin cuts of beef and use the ramen seasoning soup pack and some sesame oil in a pan before you make the noodles, to make some tasty cuts for your bowl.

#6 Kaedama (more noodles)

Our Ramen Noodles are the Best!

Maybe not a topping..but in Japan when you have broth leftover and just want to keep the meal going- just ask for Kaedama! Loosely translated means “more noodles, please!” Find out the history of Kae-dama and our noodles here.

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