Kiwameori Udon Noodles, 7oz (10 pack)


  • Hand Crafted Style – Each strand of noodles is different in shape and thickness that creates chewy full-bodied-texture
  • For hot and cold dishes
  • Net weight: 7 oz (200g)/packet
  • Cooks in 7 minutes
  • Made in Japan

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Kiwameori Udon Noodles

Authentic and traditional, Kiwameori Udon Noodles delivers great taste and texture. Different thickness and uneven shape of the noodle creates authentic chewy-full-bodied texture harmony. Kiwameori Udon captures the right amount of soup to create a perfect harmony of taste and texture.

  • Cooking instructions: Add 7oz (100g) noodles to 50 fl oz (1.5L) boiling water. Cook 7min for hot dishes, 8min for cold dishes. For cold dishes, drain- then rinse in cold water, drain again.

The Udon Story

Udon noodles have been around for more than 1000 years. They had been all hand-made until industrialization came along. Our Kiwameori Udon uses patented noodle-making technology to shape the dough into a wavy-hand crafted noodle of varying shape and thickness to create an authentic, chew, full-bodied texture.

Cold udon, or udon salad, is usually mixed with egg omelet slices, shredded chicken, and fresh vegetables, such as cucumber and radish. Toppings of udon soup are chosen to reflect the seasons. Most toppings are added without much cooking, although deep-fried tempura is sometimes added.

Need some great recipes? See our recipe page for our Udon noodle ideas.