Somen Baby Noodles Mixed Vegetables, good for baby, 3.5 oz (100g)


  • New flavor Somen Baby Noodles – Mixed Vegetable – for baby’s appetite
  • Natural vegetable powder used – no artificial food coloring
  • No salt –  only grain, water, and vegetable powder.
  • Easy to eat Small size 1″ noodles (2.5cm)
  • Recommended for 5 months and up
  • Easy 1-pot meals
  • Vegan
Noodle: Mixed Vegetable

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Somen Baby Noodles that are simple and easy to digest. Easy one-pot meals!

Hakubaku Somen Baby Noodles mixed vegetables flavor are great for baby’s first noodles. Somen is thinner versus Udon noodles which are thicker.

No salt added, nothing artificial- just good wheat noodles that are easy to eat.
Small 2.5cm noodle sizes are great as a soup or mixed up with veggies and meat. Great for little hands to hold and eat as well.

  • Salt-free.
  • Pre-cut into easy-to-eat 2.5cm size noodles.
  • No Salt. Use the same liquid to make soup
  • Convenient resealable zippered, self-standing pouch
  • For toddlers from 5 months
  • From Japan
  • Boil time of 4:30 minutes
  • Microwaveable

How soon can I give my baby noodles?

Somen Baby Noodles mixed vegetables are made for children 5 months and up. Every package has a clearly marked month guide number so there is no confusion. Japanese mothers and moms worldwide have been feeding their little ones our baby noodles for generations. What noodles are best for baby? Find out here>>