Roasted Vegetable Barley Recipe

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Our Roasted Vegetable Barley Recipe is a great dish to have at any gathering, picnic or get together. This roasted vegetable Mochi Barley recipe is prepared Mediterranean-style…chockful of flavor, texture and goodness. Bonus, you can make this ahead as part of your meal-prep! Omit the feta for a vegan option. Learn more about this ancient grain called barley and check …

Resbaladera Chilled Barley Drink

markomark Mochi Mugi Pearled Barley

Want something to chill you down and keep you going in the summer heat? Try our Resbaladera Chilled Barley Drink from a recipe we tried from one of our Costa Rican customers! Resbaladera Chilled Barley Drink (and also has other Central American and Mexican variations like Horchata) is a creamy chilled grain and milk drink popular throughout Costa Rica. Here, …

Easy Healthy Granola Bars

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Easy Healthy Granola Bars are so good! Want something that the kids will eat up at school during lunch and not toss? Make our Easy Healthy Granola Bars part of your morning lunch-pack routine. It’s never been easier to offer grab and go nutritious snacks for your family. Our granola bar recipe is packed with nutritious Mochi Barley which will …

Vegan Tropical Breakfast Bowl

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Breakfast bowls have a reputation for being filled with eggs, bacon and meats. While this sounds appealing, the health benefits are horrifying. Our Vegan Tropical Breakfast Bowl won’t leave you feeling tired and bloated. Don’t break up with breakfast bowls just yet though, there are many benefits to a delicious and quick tropical breakfast bowl. Summer is a time for …

Mochi Barley Greek Salad

markomark Mochi Mugi Pearled Barley

The Mochi Barley Greek Salad is a quick salad to have at any gathering, picnic or get together. Only takes about 15minutes, or, about the time our Mochi Barley takes to cook. Make it healthy and easy at your next picnic with the Mochi Barley Greek Salad. We all know how much Mochi Barley simplifies life, once again we found …

Yummy Spicy Chicken Ramen Salad

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Sometimes it’s just too hot to cook and we want something light and yummy AND SPICY. Enter the Yummy Chicken Ramen Salad! Just the right balance of greens and carbs to keep it light and flavorful chicken for just the right blend of savory and crunch of the lettuce. Ingredients: 1/2 Cup minced red onion 2 packs Hakubaku Ramen or …

Vegan Black Bean Barley Burger

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The vegan black bean barley burger – They won’t even know its not meat! Burgers are essential in the American cuisine but we love this healthy combination using black beans and Mochi Barley. Make it healthy (and vegan) with NO MEAT and Mochi Barley! We all know how much Mochi Barley simplifies life, once again we found a way. Vegan …

Barley & Sage Stuffed Zucchini

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Get ready for summer with this VEGAN and healthy recipe. Your guests will never know its so unexpected and so savory! Tradition with a twist is exactly what’s needed to take a boring run of the mill recipe and give it new life. Try these at your next pot luck or party. Simple and tasty!

Saffron & Mushroom Barley Risotto

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An easy Italian dish, modified to use Mochi Barley Many vegan dishes (like fruit salad and peanut butter and jelly) are already beloved, but the problem faced by many of us is in imagining less-traditional dishes that are interesting and not challenging. Here are some more creative options to try. From the NYT cooking section >  

Easy Chicken Barley Soup

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  Recipe for Mochi Barley by Optimistic Kitchen Cooler weather always means soup to me.  I love making a big pot of yummy soup to help with meal planning for the week, either as a heat and eat on weeknights, a grab and go lunch in my thermos, or freeze in single servings for a future day when I need …