Summer Cold Noodle Recipe Ideas


It’s Summer, it’s hot- Let’s make some Summer cold noodle recipe ideas.
There isn’t a noodle out there that doesn’t feel at home in a cold summer recipe ideas paired with summer vegetables, a dipping sauce, and cold barley tea to bring it all together. Keep these cold noodle summer recipe ideas handy and bring them to all your summer events, cookouts, and beach trips. We have some recipe ideas that use our Soba, Kaedama, or Authentic Japanese Ramen kits.
Keep in mind that all of these recipes are served cold. Enjoy some of our crowd favorites!

Hiyashi Chuka Cold Ramen Salad

In Japan, ramen is served year-round and summer brings out some creative and traditional cold ramen noodle dishes. We have these at lunch and make them at home as the recipes only take 5-6 minutes to make!

Traditional summer ramen dishes abound around Japan every year. This one is no exception with its colorful display and tasty combination of savory and fresh. Use our Kaedama noodles to cool off! Buy Now!>>

Lime Daikon Horseradish Cold Soba

cold soba noodles
Hello? Hello?.. Summer is calling! Tap photo for the recipe!

There are many soba recipes In Japan, but one we like for summer is using citrus fruit. Use our Oishii made Kuro Soba for a great refreshing and tasty treat! Pair this with our recipe for Men Tsuyu Soba cold dipping soup.

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Ramen Summer Salad

Noodle & Chill…

So good any time of the year. This recipe is best when served with our no-salt soba or udon.

Chicken Ramen Noodle Salad Recipe

Chicken in the bowl with noodles, add lime for a kick!

Make this anytime to make fans at your next party, picnic or dinner. Use our kaedama ramen noodles to make this healthy and savory. BUY NOW>>