Sapporo Ramen Salad Recipe

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Sapporo Ramen Salad Recipe can be found mostly at pubs in Sapporo, Japan. But, you can easily make a classic ramen salad at home. The vegetables on top can be arranged, so please try it out. It’s so easy that it’s perfect for lunch for one person. Perfect for hot summer days. Regions around Japan have a myriad of different …

Ramen Noodle Summer Salad

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Ramen Noodle Summer Salad recipe is a 10-minute quick and easy dish. The colors and flavor remind us of summer picnics and the beach.  Hakubaku Ramen Noodle Salad with chicken, green onions, carrots, toasted almonds, in a quick, easy vinaigrette is a healthy, easy, lunch option served cold or warm. Use our resturant fresh noodles in a variety of dishes. …

Yummy Spicy Chicken Ramen Salad

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Sometimes it’s just too hot to cook and we want something light and yummy AND SPICY. Enter the Yummy Chicken Ramen Salad! Just the right balance of greens and carbs to keep it light and flavorful chicken for just the right blend of savory and crunch of the lettuce. Ingredients: 1/2 Cup minced red onion 2 packs Hakubaku Ramen or …

Mochi Barley Quick Barley Salad

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All Mochi Barley 25% off Limited Time OFFER! Ingredients   During the holidays it is always easy to overindulge which can cause months of damage control in the New Year. No one wants to sacrifice flavor for a healthy dish, especially during the holidays but you don’t have to with this delicious Barley Salad.