Shoyu Ramen, 3.88 oz x 6 pack

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  • Authentic Japanese Ramen
  • Non-fried, soft noodles.
  • Shelf-stable. Needs no refrigeration.
  • Authentic shoyu soup stock included.
  • Easy 1 pan cooking – Ready in 2 minutes

Shoyu Vegetable Black Garlic Ramen

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What is Shoyu Vegetable Black Garlic Ramen? Despite what its name might suggest, this isn’t actually a variety of garlic; it’s merely a special preparation. Our Shoyu Vegetable Black Garlic Ramen Recipe uses regular heads of garlic. Traditional Black Garlic …

Chicken Katsu Ramen

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Juicy, savory, and fresh: Chicken Katsu Ramen Katsu is simply put- Japanese comfort food. Crispy, meaty, and with that savory sauce it just makes any meal great. Our Chicken Katsu Ramen recipe uses our 4pk Hakubaku Shoyu Ramen kits. Our …

What is Black Garlic?

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What is Black Garlic? Black garlic is not really a kind of garlic, it’s a preparation that yields a great savory flavor. Used for flavor and medicinal purposes it has a long history in Asian and especially Japanese culture. Simply …